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Because Dogs love
Fun Toys!
Many Types...All shapes and sizes...and
are tough and virtually indestructible
for many breeds of dogs...large or small
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Because Dogs love fun
and Fun Dog Pools!
Fun Pools...All shapes and sizes...some
are portable and store away easily for
winter and the colder months
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This pool is great for 1 large-breed dog

as well as 2 large dogs
- read our review
and view the video too!

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Xena loves this pool...
Check out our Review
Page for more info and
to see what we think...
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A resource for Green
pet products, news and
info, funny German
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videos and more!
Green Products are safe for them and good for the environment!
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In The Spotlight

Cat and Dog Wellness Tests You Can Do Yourself For Your Pets

Cat and Dog Wellness Tests You Can Do Yourself For Your Pets

Did you know there’s some Pet Wellness Tests you can do yourself for your pets without an expensive vet bill? Some Pet Wellness Tests are overall pet wellness tests. Some test for dog breed below and provide health info too! Maybe your dog hates going to the vet so this would be a good reason to test at home too. But there’s many other types of Pet Wellness Tests including…click here to find out more…

Gifts For Pets, Pet Lovers and Everyone Else… Has Many Gift Categories for Pets including Dogs and Cats and People Too!

Customized Pet Bobbleheads and more
Cat Entertainment and Unique Bird Feeders

New 2018 Pet Products for Fun and Health!: Some Ruff Tuff Dog Pools, Dog Floats, Dog Cooling and More!

Tough Dog Swimming Pools…All Types, Shapes and Sizes

The warm weather is here and doesn’t your dog deserve a nice swimming pool too? Dog swimming pools come in many shapes and sizes. Some are even the shape of a dog bone! And there’s so many types. These dog swimming pools are great. They are portable, durable and even fold up to store away in the colder months. Your dog will love it!

In The Spotlight: The Bone Dog Pools Are Tough and Sturdy

Do you need a sturdy pool and portability is not an issue? The Bone Dog Pools may be your answer. While Bone Dog Pools are not as portable as the foldable dog pools…it is possible to move or transport them elsewhere if need be. The Bone Dog Pools are quite sturdy and built to last years. They come in different sizes and there’s another shape too…a dog paw. Here’s 2 options to buy Bone Dog Pools on Amazon and another great site that also offers many dog cooling options…just click on the links to see all options for these…

And if item is out of stock (these pools are very popular!), you can find bone dog pools as well below where they have many other dog cooling/warming products:

Dog Hormone Imbalance Can Lead to Tragedy
Cat and Dog Wellness Tests You Can Do Yourself For Your Pets
Discount Pet Products
Mold and Dogs: Mold is A True Danger for All Pets!

There’s plenty of options below and even more if you click here including some on Amazon…and if you want to view all options just click below:

New Natural Dog Remedies
Many Unique Pet Gifts - Unique Gifts for Pets and Pet Lovers Too
Ruff Tuff Cat Toys, Cat Pools, Cat Anxiety Relief and More

An Old Favorite – The Portable Alcott Mariner PVC Lining Inflatable Dog Swimming Pool and the Jolly Pet 6″ Teaser Ball: Great Dog Pool & Price!

This Alcott Mariner Inflatable Dog Pool is great! It’s large enough for not just one but two female German Shepherds. Just watch the video to see how much they enjoy this pool! This pool is light yet durable for most dogs (it is still in great shape despite two playful large breed dogs including one who tends to break her toys) and still have it after 6 yrs. To store this Dog Pool is easy as you just fold it up…click here to read more.

Industrial Strength Dog Toys at

Sweetie the Chihuahua Loves This Fun Farting Dog Toy

Affectionately known now by Sweetie as Smelly Ellie…this farting dog toy is a big hit for Sweetie and so far seems quite durable as she’s a great dog toy tester…she can chew toys for sure and be quite naughty…just see this dog toy review for small dog. As with any dog toy, dog personality is an important factor to consider. After 5 days I felt comfortable leaving her alone with this farting Ruff Tuff Dog Toy. Just watch the video to see how much she enjoys this farting dog toy. At first she can’t find the right place to achieve the farting noise but soon catches on as you can see in the video. Smelly Ellie is now her favorite toy! And another funny thing is that Honey my cat likes the toy too as you can see in the video. There’s 3 options for Farting Dog Toy… The reviews are a bit mixed with one of the biggest complaints being the farting noise is not loud enough but you can hear it in the video and judge for yourself. Sweetie and I can certainly hear the farting just fine! Another person noted the toy was too big for a small dog but Sweetie is a little Chihuahua mix loving this farting dog toy. Just click on the links to find out more and read the reviews on Amazon and buy one perhaps as a gift for your dog as I’m sure most dogs would love this unique dog toy and would have a lot of fun with. It’s a great gift for pet lovers too as one can’t help but get a chuckle from the farting noise that amuses dogs too as you can see in the video. I love Sweetie’s reaction to Elly the Smelly Elephant Farting at the end of the video where she does the thing with her paws…maybe she’s clapping! 🙂

Some More Indestructible Dog Toys In The Spotlight:

Below are 4 great dog toys that lasted years and are still around to play with…for more info and to see all options on Amazon just click below or click here to see many more on our main Indestructible Dog Toys page:

Watch the video on this page to see how this toy below can be a great toy for the dog pool!:

See how this toy below can be used to protect other toys like tennis balls…just visit our Tough Indestructible Tennis Ball Dog Toy…Does One Exist? page…:

Another great dog pool toy below:

Click here to see how this toy looked after 3 months with a true Ruff Tuff dog!

More Ruff Tuff Indestructible Dog Toys

Spaying or Neutering Your Dog Before 6 Months Old or Dog Hormonal Imbalance Can Lead To Doom

Spaying or Neutering Before 6 Months Old or Dog Hormonal Imbalance Can Lead To Doom

Was Your Dog Spayed or Neutered Before 6 Months Old? Does Your Dog Have Symptoms of Hormonal Imbalance? Thinking of Spaying/Neutering? You Better Read This…There is a Solution Your Vet May Not Tell You About…Some Products Can Help…

Spaying your dog too young can lead to doom. I learned the hard way about that. But even a dog that was not spayed or neutered too early in life can have hormone imbalances too so these 2 products can help these dogs too. Basically if there’s any symptoms at all it’s best to find out more and these products can help test and remedy. I believe it could have helped my Xena if I had known about them and wish I did…here’s the page you should read so what happened to me may not happen to you..:

Dog Spaying and Neutering Too Young and The Bad Health Risks

Did You Know You Can Test Your Dog's Hormones? Here's A Dog Breed Test Kit That Also Test Health Of Your Pooch Including Hormones, Stress and Cortisol

IdentiBreed The Most Complete Dog Breed Test INCLUDES Canine DNA Breed, Genetic Conditions, Food Intolerance, Stress, Hormones, Vitamins, Minerals and Toxins

This Supplement That May Have Helped Xena Is Available on Amazon...

Dr Mercola Canine Hormone Support 90 scoops (90g) 3.17 oz

Safety and Fun For Your Dog: Dog Life Jackets and Dog Floats

Regarding Dog Floats there’s two types, Dog Life Jackets and Dog Floats. Dog Floats for your pooch to just relax in the water and float around while the other is an actual Dog Life Jacket that protects your dog. Both vary in size and the dog floats are durable so qualify as Ruff Tuff Dog Toys! Below are some great options on Amazon that have great reviews… So just click to find out more about these high quality dog floats…:

Cool Green Solutions For Energy-Efficient Cooling! for you...and for Your Pets.

Keep You and Your Pets Cool This Summer! Here’s a Resource for the Best Low Cost Energy-Efficient Cooling, Energy-Efficient Heaters & Alternative Energy Efficient Cooling Solutions

Save Money on Your Cooling, Heating and Electric Bills. Our site is a resource for energy-efficient cooling and heating solutions and other natural energy-saving options. Click here to learn more… Here’s 3 alternatives to AC below…just click to see the positive reviews on Amazon…plus other ways to keep your pet cool below these…:

I was looking for a good Window Fan and this Smart Window Fan caught my eye. The way it works is when the conditions outside are dryer and cooler than inside a room it turns itself on automatically. It can work with your AC and its thermostat or without. Click below to learn more:

I have a few of these now…they definitely are better than traditional fans:

Indestructible Dog Toy News

There’s all sorts of dog toys and Indestructible Dog Toys on the market but are they really safe and Indestructible Dog Toys? Are they practical? What good is a toy that your dog will tear up in 2 minutes or potentially hurt themselves with? So what really makes a Fun Safe Dog Toy safe? Sometimes finding a good safe toy is based on the dog’s personality…

Click here to find out more...

Which Indestructible Dog Toys stood up to a small dog and large breed dog? Click below to find out:

Click here to find out more...

Indestructible Dog Toys: Tough Indestructible Tennis Ball Dog Toy…Does One Exist? Find out by clicking below:

Click here to find out more...

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A resource for Indestructible Dog Toys, Dog Pools, Green pet products, news and important pet info, funny German Shepherd videos plus other funny pet videos, free green e-cards and much more!

What is a Ruff Tuff Dog Toy?

A Ruff Tuff Dog Toy is a dog toy that is indestructible for most dogs as there’s usually an exception to the norm for most things in life. And dogs can be unpredictable for sure. Some dog toys and dog pools seem to stand up quite well over time. For example, the Mariner Inflatable Dog Pool is now in its 5th year of use and never a leak – knock on wood!! And it has been used by 2 quite active and playful German Shepherds, Xena and Zoey, so that’s a good test for durability! Please read the Mariner Inflatable Dog Pool Review for more info. And this site has many dog toys that have been in use for years as well. But again a Ruff Tuff Dog Toy is a dog toy that lasts a reasonably long time for most dogs. One that is easily ripped or chewed apart is not a Ruff Tuff Dog Toy.

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide info about what we can do regarding going green and our pets and suggest products that will enhance their health and let them have long happy lives as well as those that are good for the environment. Many people expose their pets unnecessarily to unsafe pesticides, medications with bad side effects and much more when they could use or at least try something that is natural first to see if it helps the issue at hand. We know for a fact that natural products can work from personal experience. So we strive to communicate this to the world.

We are adding new Dog Swimming Pools so please visit us periodically for the new pools and other info and products to keep your pet safe and happy.

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