Affiliate Disclosure/Disclaimer

We do promote certain products and services at this site that we believe are great (we either use them or would use them) but do not guarantee that all people will find them useful as that is impossible to do. So it’s best to contact the company offering the product or service directly if any concerns arise. If you have any other questions or concerns though please feel free to contact us.

Our Privacy Policy

Information Collected And Its Use

To summarize, we do no track you and do not know any personal information about you except if you fill out the subscribe to newsletter sign-up form and if that be the case we’d only use that info to send you requested info. If you email us we only use the info to reply to your questions/requests.

We do not use tracking cookies. There is a log file that stores only date, time, IP address, page requested, browser and OS information and the referring URL.

Third Party Collection of Data

This site’s web pages display some third party content and/or advertising. These ad are delivered via script code in this site’s web page code. This leads to your computer to request the advertising information from the third party’s server and they usually deliver a cookie to your computer, and log your request activity in their log files.

Third Party Web Site Destinations

This web site includes many “web links” to other web sites operated by many other individuals, companies, and organizations. Most of those sites use cookies and log files to track your activity. They may also track how you use their web site. Some of the links to third party web sites pass through intermediaries such as and Commission Junction, which also track your click, store a cookie, and transfer your request to another web server. These are checked later if you make a purchase at the third party destination web site. And if this be the case, they only store information about that transaction so that the third parties can pay our advertising fee in exchange for directing customers to their web sites. This payment does not effect the price you pay for the item. The payments also help us maintain this site and keep adding what we feel is valuable info. These third-party merchants do not share any personal identifying information with us.