Bad Cat Behavior Solutions Including One That Worked Real Well!

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Bad Cat Behavior Solutions That Work

Some cats are little angels and some are the opposite. So it’s important to find some Bad Cat Behavior Solutions before a disaster happens. My Honey is a good example of Bad Cat Behavior… Fortunately I found one of the best Bad Cat Behavior Solutions!

Bad Cat Behavior Was Due To Boredom

The Real Solution For Honey Was Bird Feeder For Cat Entertainment

I had Honey from when she was a young kitten and over time I found she was not like other cats I had in the past. She had a very nice side as well as a very naughty kitty side. She would always use her claws on Sweetie my Chihuahua mix the minute I turned my back. I woke up many days to the trash can being trashed. One morning I woke up to toilet paper everywhere and initially thought somone played a prank on me. But it was Honey! I soon figured out that her Bad Cat Behavior was due to boredom. So I bought her a lot of kitty toys including these 2 below on Amazon. These did help a bit as she does play with these cat toys every day. These cat toys are great for most cats but though she’d play with them a bit every day I soon found it was not enough for my little kitty.:

Bird Feeder for Cat Entertainment

The Real Solution For Honey Also Ended Up Being Bird Feeder For Dog Entertainment

Apparently Bird Feeder for Cat Entertainment Is Also Dog Entertainment

Honey needed something more interesting than kitty toys that fascinate most cats
as she got bored easily. So I bought her a window bird feeder. Not too many birds showed up at first so I was disappointed at first. And another problem I had at the time was squirrels and chipmunks raiding the other bird feeder and found a solution for that. I gave them their own feeders. And this led to something quite unexpected. They started to visit the window bird feeder. See how much fun the window bird feeder became for Honey. The Bird Feeder for Cat Entertainment was a big hit. Not only that but it resulted in Bird Feeder for Dog Entertainment too as Sweetie was quite amused too. Just watch the funny reactions for Sweetie and Honey in the videos below when inches from squirrels and chipmunks:

chipmunk and squirrels

There’s 3 regulars of what I call the cute little stinkies as they always robbed my other bird feeder hanging from a tree branch. Both Sweetie and Honey sit at the window together waiting for the next squirrel or chipmunk. This is probably the best gift I ever gave them so I’d highly recommend a bird feeder for Cat Entertainment and Dog Entertainment. And as they can’t really break it the bird feeders are Ruff Tuff Toys in a sense. Below are some bird feeders made from recycled materials. So these would double as a Go Green Gift for Pets!:

Window Bird Feeder Made From Recycled Materials

Below are some great options for Window Bird Feeders Made From Recycled Materials on Amazon:

If a window bird feeder is not an option then placing a regular bird feeder near a window can work too. Below are more options including more bird feeders made from recycled materials on Amazon:

Bird Feeder Made From Recycled Materials

A Bird Feeder Made From Recycled Materials Is A Great Gift For All

Looking for a cool green gift? How about a bird feeder made from recycled materials? There’s many nice ones to choose from. And these vary in use. Some are just for birds and others offer multiple uses and hold other forms of bird seed and other feed. Below are some on Amazon…just click to read the reviews and find out more info…:

Also In Ther Spotlight: A Low Cost Green Bird Feeder I Chose

Cat Entertainment and Unique Bird Feeders

5 Reasons Why Bird Feeders Make Great Gifts for Just About Anyone

Below are 5 reason why bird feeders are a great gift for just about anyone:

  • Bird Feeders can provide Cat Entertainment
  • It can be a Green Gift as some are made from recycled materials
  • They can be great for any age group
  • They are great gifts for animal lovers
  • They can be great for those with Anxiety (Having Bird Feeders helped me)

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