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Honey the cat and bird feeder to entertain cats

Bird Feeder To Entertain Cats – Accidentally Found A Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeder When Entertaining My Cat With A Bird Feeder

Honey my cat loves looking outside and I wanted to give her something to look at. My first try was a window bird feeder but birds did not appear the next day and I got a little impatient so Plan B was a regular bird feeder as one of the goals here was a Bird Feeder To Entertain Cats. My other goal was to feed both birds and squirrels.

window bird feeder

For the Bird Feeder To Entertain Cats, I chose the Pennington bird feeder like the ones here as they are made from recycled materials and cute. One thing about Honey is that she needs to be kept busy or she will get in trouble so a bird feeder or two definitely keeps her busy looking out the window as you can see in the photo above. A bird feeder to entertain cats is a great way to entertain Honey as now she spend a lot of time in the window watching birds and squirrels visit the bird feeder.

I actually wasn’t looking for a Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeder. I was trying to create the opposite, a squirrel feeder from a regular bird feeder as where I live I saw a news segment about all the squirrels coming down with squirrel pox and felt bad for them so I wanted to feed them. After researching I modified my bird feeder to be a squirrel feeder too. I wanted it to be high off the ground so bears won’t be attracted to it. And I also wanted to entertain my cat and she was quite amused and happy. So the squirrel bird feeder worked fine for her and the squirrels and birds for quite a while so all was great until a little red squirrel moved in under my shed. At first I did know what was happening to the bird feeder as the damage was BIG and I thought at first maybe it was a bear but then thought it just can’t be. I was right as the next morning I looked out my window and saw the little red squirrel who I named Stinky attacking my bird feeder. I ran outside with my camera to take a video. And the video shows what happened to my bird feeder and how Stinky not only destroyed the top of it but the bottom as well.

So I cleaned up the mess and moved the bird feeder to another part of the branch and hung it up on the branch with a dog runner cable so that it was 6 feet off the ground. And saw that Stinky could not climb down or jump up on it yet birds could come to it just fine so I ended up with a Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeder. So if you want a Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeder then what I did may help you. The problem was that I wanted squirrels to eat too. I removed the damaged top entirely and taped the bottom more and moved it down so it was 4 feet off the ground. Guess who was my first visitor after this change? Yes…Stinky! Here’s some pics of Stinky using the bird feeder and letting me get pretty close for a pic before he did a back-flip off….a pic of that too! So birds, squirrels and my cat are happy once again…and me too!

squirrel at modified test bird feeder
squirrel at modified test bird feeder
squirrel jumps off modified test bird feeder

No Matter Which Type Of Feeder You Want The End Result – A Bird Feeder To Entertain Cats

My modified squirrel-proof bird feeder idea does keep the squirrels away but not the most attractive so below are some that look better. Click to see these on Amazon and read the reviews to see how well they work…:

And my combo squirrel/bird feeder works but again not the most attractive so here’s some that are squirrel feeders. No matter which route you choose they all will entertain cats and the first Pennington feeder is for both squirrels and birds! I wish I had known about that when I was buiying a bird feeder…:

A Great Bird Feeder To Entertain Cats: The Window Bird Feeder

My kitten Honey is 8 months old now and gets bored easily and when she does, she starts to play a little too rough with my Chihuahua mix Sweetie or ventures to the trash can or another bad so the solution is keep her real busy. So I decided to get her a window bird feeder to keep her amused and that with other toys to play with seems to be the answer. The window bird feeder not only feed the birds and make them happy but gives Honey something to look at every day. I had a window bird feeder in the past but the problem was the suction cups did not hold to the window glass well and thus a problem. So I learned one has to be careful about which one to buy and also look for ones that can handle larger birds like a Cardinal. These on Amazon have great reviews and handle larger birds so just click to read more about these below that sound like a good option:

More Ways To Entertain Cats

In The Spotlight: Not Just For Dogs: Introducing The Cat Pool With A Twist! Relieve Your Kitty’s Stress With Some Real Fun!

It’s The Cat’s Meow: A Portable Cat Pool Fish Floating Cat Toys Set

While it’s true some cats actually like to swim…that is not this pool’s main attraction to felines…it’s the floating fun toys that should catch any curious cat’s attention and provide entertainment. And of course it is a Cat Pool as well that they can cool off in when hot or a bathtub for a cat. It has great reviews on Amazon as most cats liked it and to find out more is just a click away:

And if you already own a folding pet or cat swimming pool below is an option for the Battery Powered Robo Fish Toys where you can simply put them in this pool or even in the tub or sink to give your kitty something fun to look at! There’s also an option for cat swimming pool or pet tub and a fish bowl with the robo fish toys to amuse your cat:

While your kitty may not actually like to swim in a Cat Swimming Pool like a dog in a dog pool, most cats would enjoy the robo fish in one or a fish bowl with robo fish… I know my cat is fascinated with water. She spends a lot of time in a tub with a wet floor and tips over her water bowl constantly and sticks her paws in it so I’m definitely going to try some of these ideas on this page for her!

More Stress-Reducing Cat Toys and Natural Treatment Options For Cat Anxiety

Fun Cat Toys That Dogs Won’t Destroy Or Probably Won’t Destroy!

Looking for cat toys that dogs won’t destroy? This video cat toy review is about Indestructible Cat Toys…Indestructible when it comes to dogs that is… Sweetie The Chihuahua and Honey The Kitten show that some cat toys can be liked and not destroyed by many dogs and cats can like and play with some dog toys. There are cat toys that dogs won’t destroy – well many dogs won’t as there’s always exceptions to the rule. And a dog may even like to play with certain cat toys. I accidentally found this out when I got Honey and worried about having cat toys around that Sweetie may decide to destroy or worse…eat and have to go for surgery. I was concerned about catnip toys and dogs. So I selected cat toys based on Sweetie’s personality. In the past she had torn up dog stuffed animal toys that larger dogs did not so I was quite concerned. So picked the 2 in this video based on Sweetie’s personality. I never expected her to actually like the laser chase toy called LePet Interactive Laser Cat Toy. As you can see in the video Sweetie loves this toy and she plays with it every day and sometimes so much that Honey has to wait for her turn. Honey plays with it every day too so I consider this toy safe for dogs like Sweetie. Whether a toy like this is safe for a dog depends on the personality. One needs to watch carefully in the beginning for any potential problems. The other cat toy I bought was the Petstages Tower of Tracks cat track toy. Sweetie shows no interest in this toy so Honey plays with it a lot and I consider it safe for it to be around Sweetie too. At first I thought no dog would be interested in this toy but then remembered the video I have of Brandy the German Shephered playing with one which is toward the end of this video. So with all there’s exceptions to the rule. Honey The Kitten loves to play with dog toys as you can also see in the video. Below is where to get these types of toys and other great pet toys from our partner:

Best Toys for Active Dogs -

How To Register Your Pet as an Emotional Support Animal

Did you know that any animal can be an Emotional Support Animal? It's not just limited to dogs but cats, ferrets, birds...even pigs and other types of animals can be Emotional Support Animals. By registering your pet as an Emotional Support Animal you will be protected in terms of housing and travel. But what are the right steps to proceed? Our partner, Emotional Pet Registry, has the answers on how to proceed the correct way and answers questions such as "How does one get the required Emotional Support Letter?" To find out more just click on the graphic...

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