Cortisol and Dog Anxiety

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In The Spotlight: Some Dog Adrenal Fatigue Products You Should Know About Regarding Dog Anxiety and Cortisol

A Dog Breed Test Kit That Also Test Health Of Your Pooch Including Hormones, Stress and Cortisol

Do you have a dog and unsure what breed or mixture of breed the dog is or does the dog have any wolf or coyote mixed in? Here’s a Dog Breed Test Kit to help identify the breed of the dog and/or help alert you to health issues. The one in the spotlight tests for more than 160 health conditions…it also tests for 125 food and environmental item sensitivities. It will let you know your dog’s hormone, vitamin and toxin levels including dog cortisol so you can see if your pet is stressed.

All Cat and Dog Wellness Tests You Can Do Yourself For Your Pets

Canine Hormone Support

Due to early spaying and neutering (and spaying and neutering itself) it is important to make up for spaying and neutering which no matter what effects dogs’ hormones. This is the product for male and female dogs that may have helped my Xena as it has DIM and balances their hormones:

Dog Neutering and Spaying and Adrenal Glands/Hormones

Dog Hormone Imbalance Can Lead to Tragedy
Cat and Dog Wellness Tests You Can Do Yourself For Your Pets
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Mold and Dogs: Mold is A True Danger for All Pets!

Cortisol and Dog Anxiety are related. Cortisol and Dog Anxiety – Can Dogs Have Adrenal Fatigue That Causes Dog Anxiety and More…? The answer is Yes!

As I have Adrenal Fatigue from both traumatic events and exposure to toxic black mold and other mold I wondered if dogs can have this condition and if Xena did and perhaps was part of the reason I lost my precious beloved dog to a sudden cancer in the end (Click here to read more). A condition like Adrenal Fatigue can weaken the body and being on harsh medication (she was on Deramaxx right before she went downhill) may have been too toxic for her body despite the blood test that was done right before being put on Deramaxx for her back leg. I know for humans regarding Adrenal Fatigue there’s a long list of medications and supplements very bad for people with adrenal gland issues so could be similar for dogs. You can see all the medications bad for people with Adrenal Fatigue at this link if you scroll down…:

The Adrenal Glands

Xena was exposed to the same mold as me and traumatic vicious dog attacks. So I researched a bit and here’s what I found out regarding “Can Dogs Have Adrenal Fatigue?” This article certainly shows dogs and other pets can have adrenal gland issues but does not touch upon anxiety at all as it is noted the dog simply won’t feel well:

If Your Pet Just ‘Ain’t Doin’ Right,’ These Little Glands Could Be the Source of the Problem

and here’s more informative articles:
I Am Your Dogs Adrenal Glands

Hormonal Disorders: Adrenal Glands

Adrenal Fatigue in Dogs and Cats

Does this mean Dog Adrenal Fatigue has different symptoms than humans as for me Adrenal Fatigue was the root cause for my anxiety? Not according to this article about dog adrenal fatigue and anxiety:

Anxiety in dogs – thinking outside the box

I don’t agree with the need to put these dogs on harsh meds like Prozac or Xanax when there’s gentler and safer options to try first like those suggested on this page…:

Dog Anxiety Relief Your Dog Simply Wears and Other Anxiety Solutions

Find out more about these topics:

Find Out About The Dangers of Black Mold Find Out More About Adrenal Fatigue for People

and here’s 2 interesting articles about dog cortisol levels:
The Cortisol Vacation

Why reducing your dog’s resting Cortisol levels is Crucial!

I think Xena had Adrenal Fatigue…Xena was on this Pet CBD Product below for Anxiety early in 2016 and it worked great. Here’s the video of her above showing her before and after:

100% Natural Cannabinoids CBD Supplements for Dogs and Cats - Shop Now