Xena 2007-2016: Deramaxx Dangers: Beware!

NOTE: An Update about Xena:

I’m sure now it was a combo of things that lead to what I think is a shortened life for her. It truly was a combo of things. Dogs can have Adrenal Fatigue like people do and she should not have been put on harsh medications like Deramaxx. I still firmly believe natural remedies are generally best to try first unless you really don’t have a choice. If you read below Deramaxx seemed to have harmed a lot of dogs and I’m not sure how much it effected Xena in her last 2 days but my gut feeling is it did in some way.Click here to read more about Dogs and Adrenal Fatigue. Xena and I were both exposed to the same trauma and mold and we both got sick. But Xena also was spayed at 5 months old and early spaying causes ironically the same torn ligament (Cruciate Ligament) and hemangiosarcoma cancer she had in the end at only 9 years of age. As this cancer comes suddenly and spreads quickly, I couldn’t save her but if only I knew of a natural supplement I found out about for my own well being and stated taking in April 2017 and saw positive changes with. It is one of the things if started a bit earlier in her life perhaps could have extended her life and delay the negative health effects of early spaying. Click here to see what I found out about Spaying and Neutering Too Early and The Bad Health Risks and what one can do to possibly change the effects.

Deramaxx Can Kill Dogs And Beware Of Other Pet Prescription Medications Too

Trying Natural Pet Remedies First Is Best In Many Cases


On November 19, 2016 my beloved Xena passed away during emergency surgery at the emergency vet. It was like losing a beloved child and it just happened so suddenly…one minute eating and happy and next minute not… She was put on Deramaxx for a limp from a torn ligament (Cruciate Ligament). There were no problems with her blood work before being put on Deramaxx. She was healthy and put on it for 2 weeks in October 2016 and again for 1 week in November 2016. On Friday Nov. 18th Xena was fine before the Deramaxx on that date. After giving to her, 1 hr later she puked…she then had no appetite. She did not move from the couch (usually she got up periodically) that night until it was time to go to bed as she slept every night with me on the bed. She got up fine and went to the bed OK. Initially I just thought stomach flu. The next day she was still the same and then worse…not moving from couch or eating and when she did get up she’d collapse now and I read some info including this link below and asked the vet if I should take off Deramaxx and he said yes thinking it was just Deramaxx side effects and not too concerned. I didn’t plan on giving her more especially after reading this info anyhow:

Deracoxib (Deramaxx)

Of the Deramaxx side effects she had this:

  • change in behavior: decreased activity level, incoordination
  • increase in water consumption

and for the signs of toxicity she had:

  • no appetite
  • vomited once after taking the pill
  • increased thirst
  • incoordination
  • pale gums
  • lethargy
  • somewhat heavy breathing

and then I read this…I never would have given her this pill in first place if I read all this:


Deramaxx Killed My Best Friend

Deramaxx: Smart Drug or Clever Marketing?

NSAIDS And Your Dog: Hidden Dangers

Even painkillers for dogs have serious risks

Lawsuits: Rimadyl, ProHeart, Deramaxx

OT- Deramaxx in Dogs– WARNING!!!

That Saturday I took her to emergency vet and at first they thought with surgery she’d be OK but after opening her up they found tumors including one that ruptured in her spleen and problem spread to liver and stomach. Now she had the pre-Deramaxx bloodwork that came out normal prior to starting the drug that didn’t indicate illness. She also had recent ultrasound and x-rays for faint heart murmur that did not show any illness. Thus it seemed she was fine before the Deramaxx. She also seemed fine before the final dose. I was told she had hemangiosarcoma cancer yet she did not have 1 symptom of cancer…actually quite the opposite..active, happy, good apetite/etc…But this article explains how this hemangiosarcoma cancer sometimes does not have symptoms:

This Aggressive Cancer Is Quite Sneaky and Often Strikes Without Warning

Xena did not show symptoms/signs of any other type of cancer:


Deramaxx certainly seems suspect to me regarding her death especially with the final day symptoms but the emergency vet didn’t think Deramaxx was related. I guess I’ll never know what really went wrong with Xena’s health and if related to Deramaxx in any way whether it was the drug itself or it weakened her body so she couldn’t fight cancer. Maybe what happened was a combo of things including Deramaxx. She came from a puppy mill. Xena and I were exposed to Toxic Black Mold in the past. Like me, she also suffered from Anxiety. Just those three things can weaken a body. Are dog hemangiosarcoma and mold exposure related? Perhaps as I read in articles about dog hemangiosarcoma they do mention to get rid of any mold issues. But as I’ve read all info about it and the sad stories about other dogs who died with similar symptoms as Xena had in the end…no matter what it seems like Deramaxx is a dangerous drug and should be banned before another dog dies. Way too many sad stories. Just reading over the side effects, it’s a truly nasty drug in my book.

I miss Xena so much! She was precious and my best friend and soul mate. She was beautiful inside and out. I lost someone very special the day she died. And there will never be another special dog like her ever again. She gave me almost ten beautiful years with her sweet gentleness and unconditional love.

The saddest thing is that I found this info maybe too late. There’s options for dog natural pain relief for even something as severe torn ligament where the vet said she probably needed surgery with a very long recovery period that may not even work. Below are some options for dog natural pain relief:

As her condition sounded so severe I didn’t even think of natural options for this particular thing despite having web sites about the importance of natural meds for people. The same is true for dogs and cats. My German Shepherd Brandy was on a harsh prescription med when she had hip pain and was fine after that. Drugs effect different dogs in different ways. Western vets are like western doctors…they don’t even think of natural options. I trusted that vet because he saved Xena from risky dental surgery. I was blinded and my brain works right at times but not always due my own med conditions. I now have to live without my best friend/love of my life. If only I thought of natural for this despite it being a severe condition. Maybe nothing would have prevented Xena’s death but a natural option was certainly worth a try as opposed to a harsh medication like Deramaxx. I remember searching for natural alternative options to the torn ligament surgery but the natural meds did not show up in my search and found a good brace solution instead as an option that I got excited about as it was an alternative to the long-term recovery surgery the vet said she probably needed. Maybe the natural options wouldn’t have worked for Xena but what if they did…? If I could do it over again I certainly would try natural first. Most vets except for holistic vets won’t tell you about these natural options. And most vets don’t tell you if a drug has harsh side effects. And before you give a med from a vet to your dog or cat please be sure to read about it first and see if there’s any dangerous side effects and other dangers or risks. It also wouldn’t hurt to get a second opinion. You could also go see a holistic vet for advice. I don’t want others to end up heartbroken like me or the people with dogs harmed by a harsh drug like Deramaxx. That’s the only thing I can do now…warn others about Deramaxx Dangers and other harsh pet prescription meds…as nothing will ever bring my beloved Xena back to me.