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A Real Funny Squirrel Feeder For Cat Entertainment and Dog Entertainment

Cats love to watch birds at bird feeders. But there’s also Squirrel Feeders to amuse. These are better than squirrel videos. It’s the real thing…squirrels inches from your cat! And these provide Cat…and Dog Entertainment. They also entertain people. Perhaps the funniest one is the Donald Trump Squirrel Feeder. The end result is Dog and Cat Entertainment Squirrels.

These squirrels love these feeders. And because they are so busy with these funny feeders they leave bird feeders alone. So they are also a solution for squirrel-proofing your bird feeder! So I bought this one on Amazon. It is a lot of fun for my pets and me. Just view the videos below…

Most people would put the Donald Trump Squirrel Feeder on a deck or in their yard. I chose not to. My cat needs entertainment. If not there’s bad cat behavior. My Chihuahua needs entertainment too. She’s an angel though. So I made a window Donald Trump Squirrel Feeder. And I quickly got visits from Cat Entertainment Squirrels. And some Dog Entertainment Squirrels. Here’s 2 videos of the fun:

There’s other options besides Trump for these funny squirrel feeders. Here’s a few below on Amazon:

Getting Real Close to Nature With Trump Squirrel Feeder

Big Stinky the Gray Squirrel Learning About The Window Trump Squirrel Feeder

Affectionately known as Big Stinky the Gray Squirrel comes to my window bird feeder regularly. So I got him a new one. It’s a Trump Squirrel Feeder that I attached to my window with suction cups. So a fun window squirrel feeder! Just view the video above on this page and you’ll see! Why did I name the squirrel Big Stinky? Because he used to gobble down all the bird seed for the birds. And another Red Squirrel actually ate my bird feeder. So he is the original Stinky. So the Window Trump Squirrel Feeder is a squirrel-proof bird feeder solution. It becomes their feeder to eat from. For the past year the squirrels only focus on their feeders that I added. 95% of the squirrels and chipmunks leave the bird seed a lone!

Trump Squirrel Feeder Offers Cat Entertainment

The Trump Squirrel Feeder also provides Cat Entertainment for a cat with bad behavior issues. Honey the cat is busy now with this Trump Squirrel Feeder. She stays out of the trash, steals less items plus doesn’t do other cat bad behavior stuff as much. She’s too busy watching the Trump Squirrel Feeder being visited.

Trump Squirrel Feeder Offers Dog Entertainment

The Trump Squirrel Feeder is great for Dog Entertainment too. Sweetie the Chihuahua can’t wait for Big Stinky to visit the Trump Squirrel Feeder. Big Stinky the Squirrel has no fear of Sweetie and Honey. And they are just inches away from him. There’s no mirrored panel. Big Stinky can see Honey and Sweetie.

Amusement For People

And the Trump Squirrel Feeder provides amusement for people like me. It helps ease my anxiety. It’s a way of having fun with nature. And I’m sure I’ll soon have a bunch of squirrels using it. I predict Stinky the Red Squirrel will be next. And followed by Tiny PU the cute little Chipmunk. It’s a chipmunk feeder too! Want one? Just click below to get more info on Amazon about it. That’s where I bought it…:

Another Cool Option To Get You Close To Nature!:

The VERY Unique Coveside Panoramic In-house Window Bird Feeder with Mirrored Panel…Just click below to read about it on Amazon:

Pets and Coveside Panoramic In-house Window Bird Feeder
Pets and Coveside Panoramic In-house Window Bird Feeder
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