Dog Hormone Imbalance Can Lead to Tragedy! But These Products Can Help…

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The Causes of Dog Hormone Imbalance

There are several things that can lead to Dog Hormone Imbalance. Environmental issues like exposure to mold. If you think your pet has been exposed to mold, click below for important info about what to do:

Mold and Dogs: Mold is A True Danger for All Pets!

Dog Hormone Imbalance can be caused by toxins from pesticides we can’t see to even their pet beds to so many other thing as we live in a world of Toxins! Early Spaying and Neutering can lead to Dog Hormone Imbalance as well and below is the info about that… And thinking back now Xena was exposed to mold and though I got rid of the mold for us it doesn’t mean it did not harm her body. She was spayed early as the vet said I’d be doing a good thing so didn’t question that…back then 5 months was the norm so no concerns back then but if only I had a working crystal ball. Though I took away the plastic bowls, got picky about her food when she was young it may not have been soon enough. Now I learned to question vets if something sounds odd or there could be other options or reasons… Symptoms of Dog Hormone Imbalance can subtle as Xena did not have many except she was not as active as she used to be but the vet reminded that she is getting older. Dog Hormone Imbalance Symptoms include drinking more water than usual and peeing more, becoming lethargic, skin issues, gaining weight, changes in the way they act including aggressiveness as well as incontinence. Xena didn’t have much of these as I would not consider her slowing down a bit as lethargic especially since every day she’d be excited and jumping at the door except for that very last day. What happened to her was a combo of things but Dog Hormone Imbalance was certainly part of the mix. Below is the info for Dog Hormone Imbalance and Early Spaying and Neutering. You should also read about Dog Adrenal Fatigue:

Dog Adrenal Fatigue
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Spaying Your Dog Too Young Can Lead To Doom…But There Is A Canine Hormone Support That May Help

In November 2016 I lost my beloved Xena to a sudden hemangiosarcoma cancer. I continued to wonder how this happened as tests done right before being put on Deramaxx right before this showed she was healthy. Click here to read her story. I’m sure now it was a combo of things that lead to what I think is a shortened life for her. It truly was a combo of things. Dogs can have Adrenal Fatigue like people do and she should not have been put on harsh medications like Deramaxx. Click here to read more about Dog Adrenal Fatigue which leads to Dog Hormone Imbalance. Xena and I were both exposed to the same trauma and mold and we both got sick. But Xena also was spayed at 5 months old and early spaying causes ironically the same torn ligament (Cruciate Ligament) and hemangiosarcoma cancer she had in the end at only 9 years of age. As this cancer comes suddenly and spreads quickly, I couldn’t save her but if only I knew of the natural supplement I found out about for my own well being and started taking in April 2017 and saw positive changes with. It is one of the things if started a bit earlier in her life perhaps could have extended her life and delay the negative health effects of early spaying. But I didn’t even find out about DIM for myself until months after she died. I truly think Spaying and Neutering too young leads to bad health risks especially since it can effect the adrenal glands. Here’s how I found out about early spaying and what I think happened to Xena. I first researched what causes hemangiosarcoma of the spleen in dogs. This article talks about the hemangiosarcoma cancer and what to watch out for in terms of symptoms:
Here weakness in back leg is mentioned:
A Ruptured, Bleeding Spleen in Dogs, Hemangiosarcoma, the Silent Killer
So next I researched dog hemangiosarcoma Cruciate Ligament and it starts to suggest early spaying and neutering related:
New Study Finds Early Neuter Doubles The Risk Of Hip Dysplasia In Dogs
Golden retriever study suggests neutering affects dog health
Xena’s heart murmur was also a clue as heart murmur can be related to dog hemangiosarcoma. So I researched early spaying and hemangiosarcoma in dogs and a lot of info suggesting a relationship. Here’s some good informative links:
Do Spayed and Neutered Dogs Get Cancer More Often?
New Evidence Shows Link Between Spaying, Neutering and Cancer
Spay/neuter and the association with cancer in dogs: part two

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What You Can Do To Maybe Delay This Tragedy…The Canine Hormone Support That May Help

The sad irony is that I found out about DIM which helped me greatly with my female hormone imbalances too late to help Xena. My beloved Xena passed away in November 2016 and I did not discover DIM until March 2017 when I did my own lab testing of my hormones…something traditional doctors usually don’t help with and give anxiety meds instead that have bad side effects. To understand what DIM is just click on the amazon link and you’ll get a idea as it provides a good description there. It helps women but I found out from research that maybe it could have helped Xena to be with me a bit longer. Perhaps this product can help a woman you know as it’s important to balance estrogen as women get older. It’s even supposed to help men too. But in Xena’s case it would have maybe made up for the harm early spaying caused. But even a dog that was not spayed or neutered too early in life can have hormone imbalances too so this product can help these dogs too. Basically if there’s any symptoms at all it’s best to find out more about this product which is available on Amazon…just click on the link to find out more. And here’s article that mentions DIM to help remedy early spaying so click here to find out more about this important Canine Hormone Support product which you will find in the Pets Section. It also talks about the negative effects of spaying like shorter life, adrenal issues, hormone imbalance, ligament and hip issues and more and all these issues Xena happened to have in the end! And ironically my German Shepherd, Brandy, died from the same cancer and had hip/back leg issues and suddenly passed away at just about the same age:
“The Stealth Threat Facing up to 83 Percent of Dogs – Is Your Pet’s Health a Time Bomb Waiting to Happen?”
and this article is about how the vet feels now about spaying and neutering:
Why I’ve Had a Change of Heart About Neutering Pets
The sad thing is that I thought I was doing the right thing by having Xena spayed and back then 5 months was the norm for time to spay. Over the years…I found myself regretting it as Xena was the love of my life and I would have love to have one of her puppies. Since that was no longer possible I looked into cloning but found it was high cost and not an exact clone. I can’t bring her back now. The only thing I can do is warn others about spaying and neutering and if your dog has been spayed what you can do to try to remedy this…

Did You Know You Can Test Your Dog’s Hormones? Here’s A Dog Breed Test Kit That Also Test Health Of Your Pooch Including Hormones, Stress and Cortisol

Do you have a dog and unsure what breed or mixture of breed the dog is or does the dog have any wolf or coyote mixed in? Here’s a Dog Breed Test Kit to help identify the breed of the dog and/or help alert you to health issues. The one in the spotlight tests for more than 160 health conditions…it also tests for 125 food and environmental item sensitivities. It will let you know your dog’s hormone, vitamin and toxin levels including dog cortisol so you can see if your pet is stressed.

All Cat and Dog Wellness Tests You Can Do Yourself For Your Pets

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