About “Ruff Tuff” Indestructible Dog Toys and Green Pet Products

What is a Ruff Tuff Dog Toy?

A Ruff Tuff Dog Toy is a dog toy that is indestructible for most dogs as there’s usually an exception to the norm for most things in life. And dogs can be unpredictable for sure. Some dog toys and dog pools seem to stand up quite well over time. For example, the Mariner Inflatable Dog Pool is now in its 5th year of use and never a leak – knock on wood!! And it has been used by 2 quite active and playful German Shepherds, Xena and Zoey, so that’s a good test for durability! Please click here to read the Mariner Inflatable Dog Pool Review for more info. And this site has many dog toys that have been in use for years as well. But again a Ruff Tuff Dog Toy is a dog toy that lasts a reasonably long time for most dogs. One that is easily ripped or chewed apart is not a Ruff Tuff Dog Toy.

Indestructible Dog Toys and Dog Swimming Pools…All Types, Shapes and Sizes

We have many Indestructible Dog Toys including Ruff Tuff Dog Swimming Pools. The warm weather is here and doesn’t your dog deserve a nice swimming pool too? Dog swimming pools come in many shapes and sizes. And there’s so many types. For example, The Guardian Gear Splash About Dog Pool comes in 3 sizes for your puppy. The Portable Alcott Mariner PVC Lining Inflatable Dog Swimming Pool comes in 1 size but can hold 2 female German Shepherds (See our review below and where to get more info and/or purchase). These dog swimming pools are great. They are portable, durable and even fold up to store away in the colder months. Your dog will love it! Click here to read more about pools and options as well as reviews

Green Pet Products too!

There’s a lot of information in the news about going green these days. But going green also pertains to pets. Many people who care for their pets look for products today that are safe for them and good for the environment. There’s many great products on the market like these but they can be hard to find or find info about. That’s where we come in…GoGreenPetProducts.com is a resource for natural and green products for pets, information on going green, latest news, books about green living and for fun we also offer funny pet videos and photos. We invite you to upload yours to our blog, voice your comments to our message board, and send a free ecard to a friend. Some products will be in the spotlight for review or featured green pet products and more will be added over time. So please be sure to bookmark this site and visit again. Some types of products we suggest on this site included but not limited to:

    • natural pesticides
    • pet toys
    • natural pet anxiety options
    • safe options for health-related issues
    • eco-friendly pet waste items
    • natural food and treats
    • natural safe cleaning items
    • grooming tools
    • beds
    • and much more!

Free Dog Training. Click Here.

There are many simple things we can do as pet owners to help our pets and the environment. These include:

      • get a pet from a shelter or breed rescue group. (In many cases these pets’ cost includes shots and spaying/neutering too.)
      • give your pet organic food
      • use biodegradable pickup bags
      • spay/neuter your pet
      • use safe grooming products
      • use safe natural green cleaners and pesticides
      • buy eco-friendly beds and toys
      • do not buy clumping litter
      • filter their drinking water
      • protect wildlife by leashing your dog and keep your cat indoors

Do you want to learn more info on going green? We suggest many books on the subject. We will be adding new content, photos, and videos regularly so please bookmark this site and revisit soon!

Our Mission

Our goal is to provide info about what we can do regarding going green and our pets and suggest products that will enhance their health and let them have long happy lives as well as those that are good for the environment. Many people expose their pets unnecessarily to unsafe pesticides, medications with bad side effects and much more when they could use or at least try something that is natural first to see if it helps the issue at hand. We know for a fact that natural products can work from personal experience. So we strive to communicate this to the world.