Sweetie the Chihuahua Loves This Real BIG Giant Tennis Ball for Outdoor Play!

The final factor for determining Indestructible Dog Toys is really dog personality. One needs to supervise certain toys being played with and maybe they can last. One dog may destroy a toy while another may not. And of course the Indestructible Dog Toys must be durable or there will be destruction and other problems. If you read the case studies on this web site you will see Sweetie can destroy toys including Indestructible Dog Toys that a larger did not but the video below shows her with a large ball that can be destroyed by many dogs I’d say yet she still has this toy months later and plays with it indoors and outdoors:

Indestructible Dog Toys: Sweetie the Chihuahua and the Real BIG Giant Tennis Ball for Outdoor Play!

Sweetie does love this big tennis ball but as she can pick it up by the covering and carry it a short distance I would not trust her alone with this Big Tennis Ball. However, it makes a great outdoor dog toy for her that she can’t chew up. It’s meant as a big dog toy but my experience with German Shepherds is that it is an inflated toy for a minute or two then…well…you know! Sometimes with dog toys you need to think Outside The Box. For a small playful dog like Sweetie this is a great outdoor dog toy that she can’t destroy so indestructible for the most part and for her although I still supervise to play it safe as she can peck at the ball covering…

Maybe it’s the size of the ball…not sure. I would not call it an Indestructible Dog Toy by any standards but maybe it’s Sweetie’s personality and that I supervise her playing with the big tennis ball. No matter what she has a lot of fun with it! Watch the video and watch her go totally nuts! :).