The oddest thing for The Small Dog Indestructible Dog Toys Review was that Sweetie could manage to chew and destroy some toys that Lexi, my larger Shepherd/Lab mix (Indestructible Dog Toys Review and Case Study for a Large Dog) did not or even much sooner than Lexi did. Thus Sweetie is a great tester for Indestructible Dog Toys! What Sweetie seemed to aim for in terms of destruction was getting at a sqeaker or the end of a foot or tail of the Indestructible Dog Toy. That seemed to be her main goal. Below are the results for Sweetie but another dog may not destroy the toys and the Indestructible Dog Toy may indeed be an Indestructible Dog Toy. Also an Indestructible Dog Toy may be just that initially but 2 months later that may change so no matter what one has to be watchful and careful!

The Results for Indestructible Dog Toy Testing for Small Dog:

Above you see all the new toys Sweetie had to play with. She was afraid of the talking/singing radio toy for some strange reason. The rope toys started out as promising but she soon chewed the tips of tails and legs off some of them like the giraffe but the ball dog rope toys were tough enough for her not to destroy and I can trust her alone with this type of dog rope toy. The red dental chew ball she did play with at times but it was not her favorite toy.

Unlike Lexi in the large dog review…Sweetie chewed out the voice boxes in the stuffed animal Indestructible Dog Toys. Lexi finally chewed these toys up after having them for well over 3 months.

The large version of the Kong tennis ball resulted with her being able to reach and chew at the tennis ball and shave the tennis ball covering so not the best choice for her.  So it seems no hope for Sweetie regarding Indestructible Dog Toys. But wait! The JW Pet Company 42204 Proten Hol-ee Roller Blue Rubber Covered Tennis Ball stood up to Sweetie’s chewing but was a bit heavy for her. And there is one that has worked very well so far for the most part and is a tennis ball but with something that covers the ball to protect it yet quite fun for her to play with. It’s the large Tough By Nature Hol-ee Roller and is a Ruff Tuff Dog Toy for sure! Here’s a picture of it. It comes without the tennis ball (I added the tennis ball by pushing it through the holes). She loves this toy! Be sure to check out the video to see her having a lot of fun playing with it… Click on the Jumbo size option below to purchase one that you can put a tennis ball inside. There’s other sizes available for this fun toy.

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