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Lexi is new to and is our new tough toy tester for our Indestructible Dog Toys review. And she has the teeth to be perfect for the job! Xena has also helped with the Indestructible Dog Toys review.

For this Indestructible Dog Toys review…we have selected 3 popular stuffed toys (dino, penguin and fish) and the JollyBall and Giggle Ball

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The penguin stood up very well but after 3 month was missing one of its eyes but other than that it was in great shape overall.

The fish looked totally the same after 3 months of rough play. No change.

The dinosaur looked totally the same after 3 months of rough play. No change either.

Both the Giggle Ball and JollyBall are well over a year old and remain in great shape. The JollyBall has some minor scratches but that’s about it. The Giggle Ball still makes the giggle sounds and looks almost new!