iSing Celebrity Pet Toys Voice Recordable Pet Toy Review – A Few Issues But…

Our Celebrity Pet Toys Voice Recordable Pet Toy Review

iSing Celebrity Pet Toys Voice Recordable Pet Toy Can Work For Some Pets

I bought the iSing Voice Recordable Dog Toy for my Chihuahua Sweetie. At first I thought it was quite durable. But Sweetie is a master at attacking the vocal areas of any dog toy. This one was soon no exception. It lasted only about 2 weeks. I supervised her play. Here’s the video of her playing with this toy and a Voice Recordable soccer ball dog toy that I bought decades ago. For the soccer ball I had to finally replace the recordable part. The voice part still worked but became low volume. Now the soccer ball and new part are sturdy…:

The first problem with the iSing Voice Recordable Pet Toy was she’d bite at the record area. So I had to keep re-recording my voice. OK no real big problem with that. She loves the toy. But one day she really got into the “I have to get at the vocal area”… She did some damage and here’s the photo:

iSing Celebrity Pet Toys Voice Recordable Pet Toy

A Fix Was Needed…

The recordable part still worked. But I feared soon it would not. As the toy was in pretty poor shape I had to find a fix. It needed to be protected. And I remedied the issue with the same solution for the indetructible tennis ball. I used the same toy that protected the tennis ball. I used the outdoor dog toy for now to test that I have had for a couple of years now. Yes…it’s dirty but still works fine.

After removing the old tennis ball I put the iSing dog toy inside it but cutting one area so it would fit easily. So far it looks like a promising solution. As you can see in the video above she can’t harm the recordable part anymore (just like the tennis ball) – Knock on Wood!! Time will tell though:

And regarding this iSing Voice Recordable Pet Toy Review I’d say the dog toy may be fine for some dogs and depends on personality. But for Sweetie she needs the other toy to protect this toy. Here’s that ball toy I bought on Amazon below. It’s not only a fun toy on its own but a geat toy protector too:

The other option for Voice Recordable Pet Toy is the one I used for the soccer ball. You can add the new Voice Recordable part to a durable toy:

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