Mold and Dogs: Mold is A True Danger for All Pets!

Mold and Dogs – Mold Pet Symptoms Appear First…

Mold and dogs is an especially dangerous scenario. Mold exposure can be very dangerous for pets especially since they are smaller than people. Pets usually show signs of mold exposure first. And sometimes there are few symptoms or none at all until it is too late. Symptoms vary for the type of pet and type of mold exposure. Some mold is toxic but there is no good mold. All mold is bad. For pets some common symptoms of mold exposure include lethargy, coughing and sneezing a lot, scratching, heavy breathing, not eating, nose and eye discharge, skin issues, seizures, depression, anxiety, bleeding of the lungs, scales on skin, licking themselves a lot, nosebleeds… Many times their symptoms are just like those for people. How can you protect your pet? The same way you can protect yourself and your family…test for mold…and remove mold safely as detailed below. But from my experience with mold regarding myself…my adrenal gland were hurt severely and I got very sick with Adrenal Fatigue. I believe now the same is true with some dogs as they can get Adrenal Fatigue from mold exposure and early spaying. Basically their hormones become imbalance and this can lead to tragedy as I well know now. And traditional vets don’t seem to understand this. Holistic vets do. So please view this page as well…it may save your pet’s life!:

Cortisol, Dog Hormones, Adrenal Fatigue and Dog Anxiety

I test my home for mold periodically especially when me or my pets show some signs of symptoms. The earlier you do the better. Below are some DIY mold test kits to consider. Several include the analysis which justifies the cost. Some below also include 3 mold tests so seem quite cost effective. Please note not all mold tests are the same…the quality and what they test for varies. And and if not included for free generally to have the sample analyzed there is a fee like $40 or higher. But no matter what if the test results indicate mold that is best to know but obviously knowing what mold one is dealing is even better! Here’s some to consider and find out more info about each…:

In The Spotlight: A 5-Minute Mold Test Without Waiting For Labs!

This mold test kit is unique in that it is a 5-Minute Mold Test where you don’t have to send to a lab for results. It detects mold spores and allergens in just a few minutes. It tests for for the real worst types of mold like stachybotrys as it includes both the Stachybotrys Test Strip and Aspergillus/Penicillium Test Strip and detects allergy-causing mold particulates. It has a lot of positve reviews on Amazon…just click on the link to see all and find out more…

More Great DIY Mold Test Kits To Consider

Here’s more DIY Mold Test Kits that are easy to use as well as a Moisture Meter and Powerful Black Light Flashlight 100 LED UV Light that detects Pet Urine, Bedbugs, Mold and more. Please note the differences between some of these kits. Some include free analysis in the price but some don’t. There are some difference between these DIY mold test kits. Like the one above these DIY Mold Test Kits have a lot of positve reviews on Amazon…just click on the link to see all and find out more…:

Here’s the first DIY Mold Test Kit I bought to see if I had mold in my rooms. The Pros…it does test for toxic mold and showed I had mold, it was easy to use and it was very low in cost. The Cons…it did not include the cost for analysis so that was an extra $40 or so. I did mail in my sample and received a detailed report rather promptly. So if you are looking for a low cost test to see if mold grows then this is a good start but the options above I’d say are much better…

A Safe Mold Removal Product Is Important!

If you hire a handyman or contractor to remove mold they may use a toxic product to remove it. I found this out the hard way and became more sick! Below is what I bought on Amazon for mold removal to remedy my mold issues…an air purifier for mold, several cans of Concrobium, some plugin UV Mold Killers:

Alen Air Purifiers for Mold

Alen Air Purifiers for Mold vary a bit in cost and are generally more expensive air purifiers but are probably the best for ther task at hand. Below are some models on Amazon and you can read the positive reviews and get more info..just click below. Also please note a great place to look for them is the click above for Amazon Warehouse Deals:

More Air Purifiers for Mold Including Some Under $100

Concrobium Is A Safe Mold Removal Product

Concrobium is a great safe way to clean and remove mold. I’ve used this product many times and very pleased with it:

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Toxic Element Tests

Protect Your Pets and You From Harmful Mold!

Below is the info you need to know about harmful mold and no mold is safe for you or your pets. This info covers the dangers and what you can do. The first thing you need to do is test your home as all mold is bad for pets. If the test comes back positive there’s a lot of safe options for mold removal:

Also please click here for air purifiers on that page that have great reviews for removing mold and bacteria.

Toxic Black Mold is certainly harmful to people. But black mold can harm or kill your beloved pet. Below are some links with information about Black Mold Pet Symptoms and black mold poisoning in dogs, treatment and more:


Seizures can be caused by many things but black mold is one of them:


and here a YouTube video about black mold in general:


The Symptoms of Mold Exposure and Mold Illness from Black Toxic Mold Exposure

National Mold Resource Center


Activated Charcoal For Mold Poisoning in Dogs

Activated Charcoal has been used to treat mold poisoning in humans. It’s a nontoxic remedy that’s been around forever that absorbs viruses, toxins as well as heavy metals from the body. Here’s some links about using it to treat the same in dogs: