Naughty Kitty? This Natural Cat Repellent Spray Works for Bad Cat Behavior

A Natural Cat Repellent Spray That Actually Works!

My Maine Coon Cat Honey had a lot of Bad Cat Behavior. I resolved some of this Bad Cat Behavior with a Cat Entertainment solution below. She was just bored. So she raided the trash can and much more. So that solution works.

But there was some other bad kitty behavior related to the solution. She would open my thermal insulated blackout curtains and cold air would invade the room. Not good!! I tried a squirt bottle to remedy the situation. But she still continued the bad behavior. She was quite obsessed about it.

So I found a great Natural Cat Repellent Spray. This Natural Cat Repellent Spray is pictured below. It works for her!

The Cat Repellent Spray That Works for Honey

This is the Natural Cat Repellent Spray that works for Honey. It works for others too. Click below to read all the reviews on Amazon. The reviews are mixed. But maybe it doesn’t work for all cats. There’s always an exception to the rule. Or the people are not using the product correctly. It works for Honey and others…:

It is easy to use. You can spray it on anything from computer cables to furniture and plants. But I had a very unusual situation. I had to spray it on my curtains. But when it was light out it must NOT repel Honey from curtains. During the day that was the area for my other solution to save her from boredom. Again that solution was for Cat Entertainment and Dog Entertainment. It was the window bird feeder and funny squirrel feeder. And the spray can work on dogs too. And I have Sweetie my Chihuahua. So I had to find a way to use the Cat Repellent Spray only when curtains need to be shut. I could not spray it on the curtains.

My Solution Was Facecloths

My solution is facecloths. At night I spray the facecloths with Natural Cat Repellent Spray. But they are clipped to the curtains. During the day I remove them. I put them on another problem area. And that remedies that issue. This complex solution works great. Honey no longer tries to open the curtains. Before the solution she’d try every few minutes. So I highly recommend this Cat Repellent Spray. It works!!

Natural Cat Repellent Spray applied to facecloths
Natural Cat Repellent Spray applied to facecloths

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