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Indestructible Tennis Ball Dog Toy Solution

Before this toy below there was no real good solution for the Indestructible Tennis Ball Dog Toy noted on this page. The JW Pet Hol-ee Roller Toy for Dogs below was used to cover it and it is still Sweetie’s favorite toy to this day and tennis ball still in excellent shape. So I’m sure this toy below would cover other favorite chews toys and protect them. Just click below to see all options:

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Sweetie and the Tennis Ball Wars!

As my Chihuahua/Pomeranian mix Sweetie adores tennis balls and that’s her favorite dog toy I wondered if an Indestructible Tennis Ball Dog Toy really exists. Apparently for her the answer is No! I felt like I was at war trying to find one! Only the “think outside of the box” solution above worked. Below are the first of several Indestructible Tennis Ball Dog Toys I tried that claimed to be durable and an Indestructible Tennis Ball Dog Toy:

KONG Air Dog Squeakair Tennis Balls Dog Toy – Medium and TAILMATE Dog Toy Tennis Balls, Squeaker Chew Toy – Medium:

And here you can see what happens to these and a regular tennis ball. Needless to say these do not win the Ruff Tuff  Dog Toy award with Sweetie!:

As you can see none worked for her. But that doesn’t mean an Indestructible Tennis Ball Dog Toy doesn’t exist for other dogs. Thus I had to find a way for her to play with them yet keep her safe. So the first approach to the problem was to teach her not to chew them up by making a fun game out of it. Below is the video showing how this worked out which basically meant as long as I was in view she did not chew the ball up:

Dog plays fetch with a tennis ball all by herself

Video Description:
Sweetie plays fetch with a tennis ball all by herself at times. Here’s why…she can play fetch all day, she loves tennis balls, and I haven’t found an indestructible tennis ball dog toy yet. If you visit our web site you will see what happened to the tested ball toys. She shewed them so not good. So I trained her to fetch her own tennis ball to keep her mind off chewing them and it worked!

Sweetie the Chihuahua and the BIG Tennis Ball

Video Description:
Sweetie does like this big ball but as she can pick it up by the covering and carry it a short distance I would not trust her alone with this Tennis Ball. There’s better options for Indestructible Tennis Ball. To find out the better options…go to Indestructible Dog Toys Store page…

So making a game seems to remedy the Dog Destroying the Dog Toy issue somewhat. Knowing your dog’s personality with toys seems to be important too. Some Indestructible Dog Toys do live up to their name for some dogs while for others like Sweetie they simply do not. When introducing a new toy I always do when I’m going to be around for a period of time like eating or watching TV to see how the dog behaves with the new Indestructible Dog Toy to play it safe. When not around…I tested her with other Indestructible Dog Toys…below is a review of the results including a solution to the tennis ball chewing:

Thinking Outside The Box is Important Too!

Video Description:
Indestructible Dog Toys: Sweetie the Chihuahua and the Real BIG Tennis Ball for Outdoor Play!

Sweetie does love this big tennis ball but as she can pick it up by the covering and carry it a short distance I would not trust her alone with this Big Tennis Ball. However, it makes a great outdoor dog toy for her that she can’t chew up. It’s meant as a big dog toy but my experience with German Shepherds is that it is an inflated toy for a minute or two then…well…you know! Sometimes with dog toys you need to think Outside The Box. For a small playful dog like Sweetie this is a great outdoor dog toy that she can’t destroy so indestructible for the most part and for her although I still supervise to play it safe as she can peck at the ball covering. For Indestructible Dog Toys including where to get this toy at a low cost and dog pools, natural health options, reviews, news and much more…go to!