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If you are looking for new Voice Recorder Dog Toys, options are a bit limited or expensive. But I found one on Amazon below and ordered it for Sweetie and Honey. The video on this page shows their reaction to it. Honey plays with it but Sweetie can’t get enough of it:

How To Fix Or Make New Voice Recorder Dog Toy
How To Fix Or Make New Voice Recorder Dog Toy

How To Fix Or Make New Voice Recorder Dog Toy

The Voice Recordable Dog Toy in this video on this page lasted well over a decade. I bought 3 of them back in 2002. They survived 16 years of rough play for 3 German Shepherds plus a few other large dogs and more recently my Ruff Tuff Chihuahua Sweetie. I still had 2 of them that worked until a few months ago. Sweetie kept dropping them off the couch. Not sure if that caused the problem as my German Shephered did far worse! The ball themselves remained in great shape despite chewing. Eventually the voice still worked but became faint. So it only made a low volume voice recording. And Sweetie didn’t like that and neither did I! I bought batteries but that did not work. So I tried to find a new Voice Recordable Dog Toy like it and very hard to find. So I tried to find the recordable device part to add back into the soccer balls that were in great shape. I had better luck there. Below is the option I found on Amazon and it can work for new dog toys too:

Original Voice Recorder Dog Toy Part
Original Voice Recorder Dog Toy Part

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