Voice Recording Dog Toys – From New To Fixing Old Ones

Voice Recording Dog Toys – From New To Fixing Old Ones

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Voice Recordable Dog Toy – The Long Lasting Talking Soccer Ball

Voice Recording Dog Toys Including Part To Make A Dog Toy Voice Recordable

I have 3 great soccer ball Voice Recording Dog Toys that entertained my dogs for over a decade. And some real Ruff Tuff dogs played with them yet I still have these dog toys. So A durable dog toy. What wore out was the recording part. So I found a replacement part that works great in the soccer balls and can be added to other dog toys. There’s not too many Voice Recording Dog Toys these days. One I did find and bought for Sweetie and Honey is a radio that records my voice. Click here to find out more. Here’s a picture of Sweetie with one of the soccer ball dog toys. She loves this toy! Check out her video on this page where the toy just got fixed…
2 Voice Recordable Dog Toys

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